• How to get back Yahoo account without Confirming Phone Numbers

    To recover Yahoo account you need to be passed with confirmation of the telephone number, And the additional problems are that the numbers that have been used are no longer active.

    Meanwhile, the account used also nevermore adds a recovery email address. Therefore people who are faced with these obstacles will find it difficult to re-enter their Yahoo account.

    Still, there are methods you can do to access your Yahoo account without passing through phone number confirmation. 

    how to log into Yahoo Without Verifying Number or Recovery Email

    In this case, the way that can be examined to be able to access your Yahoo account again without verifying your number is to join Yahoo customer Support

    Under this situation, what must be done in giving some data is required. However, this step will only succeed if the previous Yahoo account creation is done with accurate data.

    The most important thing is related to the name and date of birth that matches the identity and still remembers the phone number that was recorded on the previous account.

    Steps to follow to recover your Yahoo account

    1. The primary step that must be done in this case is to visit the official website of Yahoo.
    2. Now look for the topics menu. Then picked sign in after that the subtopic will be displayed, then the option chosen is forgotten my password. Later the user will be directed to fill in the Yahoo ID or email address that you want to access again.
    3. If you can quickly proceed by pressing the submit button, after that look for the section with the description "we're here to help" and continue by clicking the email button. Then users will be delivered to a page to contact Yahoo customer support.
    4. Furthermore, users will be instructed to fill out forms that must be filled in accordance with the identification. On filling, those marked with * must be required. The data that must be filled in is composed of Yahoo id. Fill in the data with the email address that you want to reset.
    5. The next data is the "email address that you have access to" which is filled with other email addresses that are still working. The e-mail function is to receive further guidance. The next data that must be filled in is the first name in the form of the name as it was recorded in the previous Yahoo account.
    6. Then fill in additional data in the form of date of birth, also must match the date of birth recorded at the time of previous registration.
    7. The next data entry is What's the phone number on the account, fill in the telephone number used in the Yahoo email registration connected.
    8. Not only that at this step there is also a different statement in the form of a "detailed description of issues". In this statement, the user must explain the help needed to access Yahoo, but the registered telephone number is no longer working. Please note that the statement must be written in English. 
    9. The next step is to enter the captcha code and it must match what is displayed.
    10. Proceed by clicking create request and then using get a confirmation regarding the form that has been filled out and has been received by Yahoo customer service. After that, the user will receive an email that must be answered regarding the active telephone number that is used now and also the date of birth.
    11. Then reply to the e-mail message with the requested data ie date of birth and also the telephone number in English.
    12. Later that, wait several minutes if the data sent is considered valid, in other words, it has been registered to the account that you want to reset. Then Yahoo will reply to the message again.
    13. In the reply, a message will be presented with a link that must be clicked. Through this link, the user can log in and reset the new password. Thus the Yahoo account can be used again using the password that was just reset.


    This is the way to log in to Yahoo without verification of phone numbers that can be done quickly. If the method above has not been able to fix the query to be able to access your Yahoo account again. Then you should build a new Yahoo account to be able to enjoy the Yahoo email service.


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